Security is a major factor for many businesses to ensure that premises, assets and employees are safe and secure from illegal activity including burglary and theft. By adding security gates to your premises an extra layer of security is added as well as deterring prospective criminals from attempting to enter the premises in the first place, Installing security gates on your business premises comes with many benefits and here we explore those benefits and how they will help your business.

  • Appearance – Security gates provided by HTC are available in many sizes, designs and shapes to fit with your premises and space. They can indeed increase the aesthetic appeal of your property as well as deter potential thieves from attempting to enter the premises. We can customise the look of your security gates to ensure that they fit in with the look of your business.
  • Convenience – Security gates that we provide are automatically operated using keypads, fobs and operation controls. This can also in turn save your business money on employing security guards on the gates as it is all automated. Our security gates also have the option of intercom systems and CCTV additions for even more enhanced security.
  • Safety – Security gates increase the safety of your site by making it near impossible for thieves to enter the premises. This not only protects your business and assets but also your employees and their vehicles and property. This in turn can increase moral and mean that your staff feel valued as you are taking measures to protect them. Security gates can also mean that your staff are protected from accidents by not having access to certain areas, for example where forklift trucks are being operated only regulated personnel are able to enter.
  • Increase property value – By adding security gates you can increase the value of your business property.
  • Insurance – By adding security gates to your business premises you may be eligible for discounts on your insurance which will then in turn help to increase profits.
  • Regulations – Secuity gates can help your business to comply with security and safety regulations within the workplace.

If you have a requirement for Security gates or would like to find out more contact the experts here at HTC and we will be more than happy to discuss your requirements and come out to your premises to discuss exactly what we can do to increase the security for your business.