Our range of bi-folding speedgates provide our clients with a solution to suit their individual needs and site requirements. Our most common customers applications of our gates can be seen below.





Our fully boarded architectural schemed loading bay doors offer a large opening aperture for deliveries yet still providing a speedy operation and bi-folding to help to provide as much loading bay space as possible.
Our bottom driven , bottom guided or trackless bi-folding gate systems provide reliable secure access systems for your external perimeters without any height restrictions created by top guided systems.
Our top guided and top driven gate systems are a popular choice for secure public car parks, as the guide systems for these bi-folding gates normally fit neatly underneath the entrance aperture to the multi level car park areas providing a quality entrance façade.
With our bespoke design service and a range of infill designs and materials available we can offer everything to embellish the existing architectural theme to you apartment complex, from vertical bar , laser cut panelling , timber or even glass infill panels possible.

The 'Wow' Factor

At HTC we are all proud of our bi-folding speedgate system technology and with every project we look forward to providing our clients with a quality manufactured speedgate that once installed and commissioned by our factory trained engineers will be demonstrated to our clients at which point we are now used to them saying 'Wow'