Electric Security Gates – HTC

Electric security gates pose many benefits to businesses in securing car parks and improving safety.

The Benefits of using electric security gates can be summarised into the categories below;

• Increased Security – The main advantage of installing electric gates is to improve the high level of security. Having electric gates at your property will deter people from entering your property or car park without permission. The increased security on the car parks stops people unauthorised presence on your premises.
• Increased Safety – Safety is increased from ensuring that none authorised people on the site are not able to access your premises. This not only helps with protecting property but also helps to keep your staff and visitors safe.
• Convenience – Electric security gates ensure convenient access for staff to car parks as they allow entry through recognition and passes. The access through gates ensure that you are able to enter the car park or driveway without having to leave your car.
• Added Value – Installing electric security gates adds value to your property or premises so that if you do ever move on to sell then you will have increased the value.
To ensure that you get the most from your electric security gates it is important to maintain the systems and gates correctly to help the longevity. The system behind the electric gates and the installation of these is very complex so it is paramount to ensure that you have them installed and supplied by experts such as HTC.

The maintenance of your electric security gates is not just a case of giving them a quick clean there are other factors involved to ensure they are working as they should. Here are a few tips to make sure that you get the most from your system;

• Get your gates serviced- When you have your electric security gates installed it is imperative that you ensure that they are maintained correctly. Just as you service your car, heating systems and other equipment you need to make sure that that the security system is serviced also. HTC can provide you with a servicing package with your gates at the point of installation, our engineers will talk you through the options that you have available.
• Do not clean with chemicals – If you hear any sounds coming from the electric gates then do not merely think that you are able to fix this by using WD40 as this could damage the electric components within the gates. If you notice any issues with the gates functionality, then it is important to contact us at HTC and we will be able to look at the system and ensure it is fixed in the correct way and there are no detrimental effects on the system.
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