Regardless of the space limitations on your premises security should never be compromised. Bifolding speedgates provide fantastic security for your premises 24hrs a day whilst also allowing constant access to those who need to be on the premises.

Bifolding speedgates allow the space that you have to be maximised as they are able to be opened inwards whilst overlapping which saves room being taken up by the security system. This means that the bifolding speedgates take up less room than some more traditional security gate designs. They also allow faster access opening at up to twice the speed of traditional security gates which is vital for some businesses where quick access is paramount.

Bifolding speedgates allow the premises holder to benefit from 24hrs security whilst still maintaining a fast throughput of access and traffic to the site.

What sites typically use bifolding speedgates?

Bifolding speedgates are suitable security gates for many business premises but in particular those looking to utilise space whilst maintaining quick easy access for through traffic. We have installed bifolding speedgates for;

  • Blue light emergency services areas
  • Business parks
  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Universities
  • Car park entrances
  • Courier depots
  • Logistics depots

Installation of bifolding speedgates and access controls

When we look at installing bifolding speedgates for 24hr security we will always carry out a full survey of the area and premises the security system will be fitted. This allows us to ensure that the system is right for you and your premises and business needs.

The bifolding speedgates offer flexible control systems so we will discuss at the time which one is right for you from the following options:

  • Voice or video intercom
  • Token access
  • Proximity cards
  • Keypad access
  • Remote control fobs
  • Key switch
  • Photocell

When we install your bifolding speedgates you can rest assured that our experts are fully trained installation experts.

The bifolding speedgates we offer are all fully compliant with regulation standards. The Xentry 2 bifolding speedgate is compliant with EN 13241-1 regulations.  The Xentry 3 is another bifolding speedgate system we offer which is also fully EN 13241-1 compliant.

Bifolding speedgates are a fantastic way to provide 24hr security to your premises. If you are considering them as an addition to your security system, then please do get in touch and speak to one of our experts and we will be happy to provide you with free no obligation advice in order to secure your premises in the best way possible.