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March 17, 2017
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August 15, 2017

Different types of Xentry speedgates

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Different types of Xentry speedgates


Xentry speedgates are the perfect solution for your security woes – they open and close silently, quickly and at a steady speed. They are completely secure, durable and have impeccable design quality. Xentry speedgates feature safety edges and photo beams to offer the highest possible level of safety.


Xentry 2 Top or Bottom Guided Bi-Folding Speedgate


This xentry speedgates features a dual motor with a solid drive unit at the bottom and a guide channel, to allow for a smooth opening at approximately 1 metre per second. They are mot commonly used for the security of residential parking complexes or industrial perimeters. They feature mechanical locking, a solid drive system and a double layer powder coating for extra durability. They come in a range of different finishes, panel status and designs, and offer matching pedestrian doors and fence panels.



Xentry STS Supertrackless Bi-Folding Speedgate


These xentry speedgate all has two motors and features up to 12 metres of wide opening. These are most commonly used in the logistics industry, in many perimeter security applications. They have no guiderail, and are controlled by an inverter to provide accurate speed control. Their surfaces can be protected by a 2-layer polyester powder coating on request. They offer audible warnings and flashing lights, and can be personalised in a range of different finishes.

bi foldng speed gate


Xentry 3 Top or Bottom Driven Bi-Folding Speedgate


This xentry speedgate only has one motor and features a top-driven unit, a unit which incorporates a guide. The folding gate can be made with a variety of gate leaf infills like steel bars, laser cut panelling, timber or glass. They open at approximately 1.2 metres per second and are most likely to be seen in commercial car parks, high-security sites and loading bays. The gates are mechanically locked when closed to increase security levels even further. They offer extreme environmental protection on request and come in a variety of different finishes. This xentry speedgates control system features a frequency converter, thermal block, connections for LED screens for traffic light status updates and a CEE plug. They boast a maximum width of 7500 mm and a maximum height of 5000 mm, with a maximum of 25 m^2. There are a number of high-security options available, making this xentry speedgate the perfect choice if you are looking to have as much security and peace of mind as possible.

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