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June 13, 2016
UK security gates
UK security gates
October 6, 2016

Effective Security Gates From HTC

UK security gates

Effective security gates from HTC Limited

In our business premises we need to ensure that security is maintained. Installing Security Gates is one of the major steps you can take to ensure security is upheld in your home or business. Security Gates are more effective when compared to the ordinary gates since they open and close faster. Hence, no unauthorised individuals can enter the premises. The other advantage is that you don’t have to hire security guards to open and close the gate. Thus, you incur no cost on hiring security personnel. However, there are many companies that offer Security Gates and there is no guarantee that all will provide high-quality Security Gates. However, at HTC you are assured to get the best Security Gates that also offer you incredible value for money.

About our unmatched Security Gates

HTC is a leading Speedgate supplier in the European market and have been in the business for over 25 years. We manufacture and develop everything in-house in our hi-tech environment. We are also the bearers of the TUV mark of approval. Our aim is to ensure that our customers get the best solution for all their parking and security issues by supplying them with the best and most reliable Security Gates. Our Security Gates are fast, reliable and secure. The folding gates open and close ten times faster than the standard swing gates.

Our service team is experienced and is always ready to offer a helping hand whenever you require spare parts or repairs. You can contact them by giving them a call via 01925 552740 or emailing them through They will get back to you immediately. Our Security Gates range from Xentry STS, Xenrty2 and Xentry3. The Xentry STS is a supertrackless Bi-Folding Speedgate, which is a dual-motor Speedgate and has a solid drive-unit. It has no guide rail. Its closing and opening speed is approximately one meter per second. They are mostly suitable for use at ports and in logistic industries.

The Xentry 2 Top or Bottom Guided Bi-folding Speedgate has two motors, a guiderail either on the top or bottom and its gate leaf infills are bars, double welded mesh or single-side paneling. These Security Gates are TUV certified and are mostly used on industrial perimeters and in residential parking complexes. The Xentry 3 Top or Bottom Driven Bi-folding speed gates have one motor and have a robust drive system on the top unit. These Security Gates have special gate leaf infills such as wood, welded mesh, paneling and glass. They are bulletproof and have a guiding in the drive unit. They open at approximately 1.2 m/sec. These gates are mostly installed in high-security sites, loading bays and commercial car parks.

With our Security Gates, you are guaranteed to feel the safety and speed as soon as you enter your car park. This will ensure that no unauthorized person can enter your premises. All our success has been contributed by our R&D department and our determined industrial designers. Visit our website to learn more about our reliable Security Gates.

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