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November 29, 2017
HTC Parking and Security Privacy Statement
May 31, 2018

Where are HTC gates installed?

Where are HTC gates installed


Nobody wants to feel unsafe in their own home. The HTC gates can be designed to fit in with the existing architecture and colour-scheme of your building, enabling the gate to look aesthetically pleasing while ensuring a high-level of security at your home.


The security gates can also be installed in both residential and commercial car-parks. The pedestrian gates allow easy access and safety from the vehicles which are passing in and out of the gate. Also, the high-speed of the security gate ensures that there is less congestion when the cars are entering and leaving the car-park.

High-security sites

Government buildings, banks and prisons are also highly likely to have HTC gates installed. The gates used for high-security sites are specifically reinforced and have been attack-tested. The Xentry RC has attack resistant plating which ensures safety whilst maintaining high-speed.

Shopping Centers

Getting an HTC gate installed in the perimeter of a Shopping Centre is also commonplace. The Xentry STS is a safe, speedy and cost-effective choice when considering increasing the safety via the installation of a safety-gate for such a location.


HTC can be installed at these areas in order to protect the goods in a warehouse or ships at a port. This security gate that is likely to be recommended for such locations is the Xentry STS.

Take a look at our ‘Projects Page’ section on our website to see the recent installations we have implemented across the UK. If you are interested in getting a security gate fitted or already have one that needs to be further reinforced, then feel free to contact us for further information.

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