Where are HTC gates installed
Where are HTC gates installed?
December 12, 2017

HTC Parking and Security Privacy Statement


When the first talks of GDPR first started appearing a couple of years ago, all employees of HTC were made up. We believe this is a great step forward in protecting peoples personal data and privacy, because, lets face it, we are all civilians too. We all get the unwanted emails and pestering telephone calls, but this regulation now means that hopefully, as all companies should be compliant, all of our data is more secure than it has ever been. We have more of a say what information companies has on us, and how they use it. Brilliant.

Although new laws and regulations have been brought into effect, HTC ran a pretty tight ship to begin with, so we only had to make slight adjustments to our privacy policy.

Please head on over to our GDPR page,https://htc-ps.co.uk/gdpr/ and have a peruse through the updated copy of our policy statement. We have also created a Personal data ‘opt-in’ form. This is for existing and brand new contacts alike, and will be our way forward for collecting personal data from now on. Fill out the details required and tell us how you wish to be contacted. Simples.

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