HTC Speedgate Provides security at Calais Truck park
August 15, 2017
Where are HTC gates installed
Where are HTC gates installed?
December 12, 2017

Why HTC speed-gates are important for safety


Crime has risen

Recent figures have revealed that there has been a 13% increase in police recorded crime since 2016. This means that it is more important than ever to ensure that your building has the most effective form of protection for your safety. Electric gates are a way of increasing the safety of your business.


What are gates protecting against?


Safety of people: The most important factor when it comes to safety is ensuring peoples’ security. The Xentry RC gate has been Attack Tested, and is manufactured for prisons, banks and high security areas.


Theft of cars: The West Midlands Police recently released CCTV footage which shows a gang using a form of computerised unlocking technology, named ‘relay crime’, to steal a Mercedes in the Elmdon area of Solihull. The criminals did not require the owners’ car key to steal the vehicle. An effective way of targeting car theft is to install an electric gate which would stop the unwanted criminals from being able to enter in the first place. As well as keeping the cars safe it ensures the safety of the people in the building.  The Xentry 2 is a Speedgate which is commonly utilised in residential parking complexes and on industrial perimeters. The Xentry 3 would also prove effective as it is a Speedgate which can be installed in commercial car-parks and loading bays.


Safety of products: As a business owner it is essential that as well as the safety of your workers, your goods are protected too. Whether that be goods in the warehouse, or ships at a port, electric gates can be used as a form of safety against damage, vandalism and theft. The Xentry STS is fitted in the logistics industry, at ports and many perimeter security applications.

Perhaps your business is already safeguarded with a gate but it could be further protected with the use of the Xentry RC, which has been attack tested and is used in high security areas. Additionally, if you are starting up a new business and simply want to make an inquiry then feel free to contact us. With the current increasing crime rates and terrorist attacks in the UK, investment into your safety is crucial.



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