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April 12, 2017

Pedestrian Access

pedestrian access


The benefits of pedestrian access


When looking for security solutions, speed gates are a great choice – they give heightened security to any buildings or areas, open quickly, offer personalisation of design and easy installation and include safety measures in the event of emergency or evacuation. When considering security solutions, it is important to also consider pedestrian access and the benefits associated with offering access for those not in vehicles. Benefits include extra security, increase in popularity and added safety for pedestrians – not to mention how versatile pedestrian access can be.


Increased popularity


Providing pedestrian access for car parks and similar areas can increase appeal for potential customers and therefore increase the popularity of your business. Due to the increase in customers, you can also increase your income. Pedestrian access generally makes potential customers feel more at ease walking in and out of car parks, as it provides a specific pathway on which they are safe from passing vehicles.


Customisable security


Pedestrian access can come with even more security if you have concerns – pedestrian access control can be used for optimising the flow of people at strongly visited sites and will identify and grant access to those with appropriate permissions for entry. This could involve passes or cards and ensures the safety and security of your customer’s belongings. Using these sorts of security measures alongside speed gates optimises the level of security and gives all involved peace of mind.


Versatile designs


Pedestrian access can be as simple or as complex as you wish. It can simply be a space through which pedestrian traffic can move, separate from moving vehicles entering and leaving – or, if you so wish, it can be complex with a security system of its own. It’s completely up to you, depending on your budget and the level of security you want to integrate into your business.




Providing pedestrian access means that pedestrian traffic is given a safe space in which to travel. Putting your customer’s safety at risk is never an option – with pedestrian access, paired with speed gates, you ensure that the safety of customers and their vehicles is being protected at all times. With designated pedestrian access, pedestrians leaving parked vehicles do not have to cross potentially dangerous work areas or traffic routes. Safety can be increased further by dividing walkways and roads with the use of bollards or barriers, to prevent vehicles from accidentally crossing over into walking areas.

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