This dual-motor Speedgate has a column drive-unit at the bottom and a guide-channel at the top or bottom. The folding gate opens at approx. 1 metre per second and is TÜV certified.

This Speedgate is commonly used for residential apartment complexes and on industrial premises.

Quiet, Smooth, Stylish and Effective .


This Speedgate has a robust top or bottom-driven unit with 1 motor and has a drive unit that incorporates a guide. The folding gate can be constructed with a burglar- and bulletproof design, opens at approx. 1.2 metre per second and is TÜV certified.

This Speedgate is commonly used in commercial car-parks, high-security sites and loading bays.

Speed, reliability, security and design in a single product


This dual-motor trackless Speedgate has a solid drive-unit in the top section of the column and has no guide rail. The folding gate is SKG-approved and opens at approx. 1 metre per second.

This Speedgate is used in the logistics industry, at ports and factory car parks.

24-hour security without the need for manpower.

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