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Construction sites, events, many of these “temporary locations”
are a gathering place of valuable equipment, materials and people.
Busy places require well organised and secure access. A barrier or
gate that is opened and closed manually is no longer adequate and
is labour intensive to use. A mobile Speedgate offers a solution
that combines safety and automation. 24 hours a day.

A Speedgate is a gate that moves so fast that, like a barrier, it can
be opened and closed with every passage of a vehicle. As a result,
your fencing line is quickly secured. That is the best protection
against unwanted access with a possibility to limit unwanted
insight (with screen infill).

Speedgates are fully automatic systems that close independently
after the passage of a vehicle. That is safe and fast. Speedgates
can be linked to different types of “access control systems”. This
can be a guard at the gate, but also an “unmanned” license plate
recognition system, long distance tag reader or dial-up system
with mobile phones. Especially access control systems that work
“unmanned” save a lot of costs, while every vehicle is “controlled”
going in or out.
In addition, the Speedgate can be equipped with additional
sensors for “inspection” of vehicles, such as camera systems and
RFiD readers.

Technical Specifications

barriers for protection of
(opened) Speedgate
vehicles by means of laser
screens in columns and photocells
in Speedgate
people by means of laser screens,
photocells and safety edges
optional traffic lights, flashing
lights or sounders

Xentry STS
trackless Speedgate, without
restriction for vehicles at the top
& bottom
canvas can be applied to the
panels for instruction or to stop
security comb on top reduces

20’ container platform
picking up with crane & forklift
stackable as a top
places on paved road (with
ramps) or buried (20 cm) and
extend road plates / pavement

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