Xentry RC – Attack Tested

Unfortunately, in the current environment, the need for heightened security is at an all time high. HTC have been working tirelessly for the last couple of years to produce an uprated version of our signature Xentry range. This security package can be incorporated into new gates. We also have an upgrade package for existing customers, meaning they can have attack tested gate security, without the need for buying a whole new gate system. Our gates are fully certified in accordance with the latest EN Standard 1627:2011. They have been vigorously tested to meet the European standards including static force testing and physical attack testing.

This Speedgate is recommended for use in government buildings, high-security sites, banks and prisons.

  • Opens and closes 10 times faster
  • 20 times more cycles
  • Upgraded security features
  • Delivered Plug and Play
  • RC combines high security and design in line with the architecture of the building
  • Certified in compliance with EN13241-1 and EN1627:2011

1 motor
Mechanical locking
Robust drivesystem in top unit
Special gate leaf infills, such as welded mesh, panelling, wood and glass
Attack & bullet resistant (WK, FB, BR) optional
Guiding in drive unit
Speed approx. 1.2m/sec

Number of cycles per day > 1000
Metallised and provided with a double-layer powder coating.
Approved by TÜV in compliance with EN13241-1
Integrated or external controls
Max. width 7,500 mm
Max. height 5,000 mm
Max. 25 m2