Xentry SR2 – Security Gates

Unfortunately, in today’s world, the need for heightened security is rapidly increasing. From better passwords to physical protection, the demand is snowballing with no signs of slowing down.

Here at HTC, we have spent the last 30 years researching and developing our range of Speedgates, and up until recently we have only been able to offer high-security attack tested security gates to the European RC security rating.

However, we asked LPCB to put our Xentry 3 TP through the thorough certification process, and we are pleased to announce that HTC can now offer the X3TP – approved to LPS 1175 Issue 8, with a security rating of B3 (SR2).

Not only can you find our gate on redbooklive, but we have also teamed up with Secured by Design, with the specific aim to reduce crime and help people live more safely. For more info, please visit www.securedbydesign.com.

But wait, there’s more…

As important as the security side is, we also feel it is paramount that the design ticks every box too, so we are also able to offer a variety of infills, including vertical bars or solid panels, to make sure the architectural designs aren’t compromised.

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Tech Specs

1 Motor

Mechanical locking

Robust drive system in top unit

Special gate leaf infills

Guiding in drive unit

Speed approx. 1.2m/sec

Number of cycles per day > 1000

Metallised and provided with a double-layer powder coating.

Approved by TÜV in compliance with EN13241-1

Integrated or external controls

Max. width 7,000 mm

Max. height 4,500 mm

Max. 25m²


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