Whether you are looking to lease, sell or just improve the look of your business property HTC-PS can help with this by ensuring that you have a secure car park. There are many benefits to having a secure car park to both the business owner but also the users of the car park. 


The extra reassurance that comes with having a secure care park is a big hit with many potential clients as they are a known deterrent to prevent opportunistic thieves or trespassers entering the site or facility. This in turn provides more peace of mind to the user of the car park whether that is an employee, employer, business associate or client.


When considering the benefits of security gates to improve your secure car park it is worth contacting us at HTC to discuss your gate security needs. There are many options to choose from which include manual rising arm gates, automated rising arm gates, manual swing gates, automated swing gates, pedestrian gates, manual and automated sliding gates. These gates can add an extra layer of security to the premises. Having gated access reduces foot traffic along with unauthorised vehicles. 


Secure car parking facilities help to stay one step ahead of potential thieves. 


The security gate systems increased protection for your property, customers and employees. Even if access is needed secuirty gates can be unrestriced for convinicence for your deliveries and peoples that are welcomed onto you propery including viitors. Security gate systems do not restrict access only to unwanted visitors and potential disturbances.


Your employees will feel extra safe also when using a secure car park especially if they are lone working walking to the car in non-daylight hours they have the reassurance that they will not be greeted by unwanted visitors or damage to their vehicle.


Using a secure parking system will also ensure that you are able to rest assured that the value of your property is increased as they add an attractive addition to your property. It has been found that purchase prices can be increased by up to 5% and rental by 10% by installing a secure car park. 


Liability is also decreased when installing a secure car park as if damage to a vehicle or property does occur you can rest assured that as a business you have done all that you can to protect the veichcles and property on your site. Insurance premiums have also be known to be reduced by a good amount when a secure car park system is installed. 


Not only will you benefit from the above, its a known fact that secure car park systems increase positive business image as your compant will be seen to doing its upmost to protect its clients and staff. Good business image is a key factor in ensuring that you are a cut above your competitors. 


If you think that a secure car park gated system is something that you and your business would benefit from, we would love to hear from you. Contact HTC and one of our experts will gladly help in ensuring that you are on your way to reaping the benefits of these fantastic additions to your property.