What are the uses of security gate features

At HTC-PS we aim to provide you with your own bespoke front gate for your company. We have the best Security gate features on the market with many different features such as LED traffic lights and Class 3 Safety edges. This blog will explain the uses of gates and what they are used for.

1.) Security

Most people invest in gates for the obvious reason which is they increase security of a building or site. They can prevent entry from unwanted visitors and objects. Security gates features can offer many different levels of security. The gates which we offer even come in burglar proof and bulletproof variants. Some of our gates offer 24-hour security therefore no need for manpower because they are completely electric. Security gates are quick and reliable and provide the top security for any site/building. Security gates can be seen in many places, for example;

• Airports
• Military bases
• Water treatment and chemical plants
• Railroads and train yards
• Factories and other buildings.

2.) Style/Types

Security gates come in many shapes and sizes. They can range from small pedestrian gates to huge industrial HGV gates. Security gate features have many designs, here are just a few;

• Bi-Folding gates – Meet in the middle and fold outwards, very quick and easy. Can fit in smaller areas

• Vertical Pivot lift gates – Rotate upwards at one lower corner, pivoting 90 degrees upwards.

• Swing gates – The heavy duty swing gate is more like a door in that it opens at one end and typically extends 90 degrees when fully open. Although you can get 180 degrees opening swing gates.

• Vertical lift gates – These gates do as the name states. They lift vertically into the air offering more space on the ground but do require to have a large height to install.

3.) Questions

Depending on what you need a security gate for depends on which security gate is best for you. If you need a security gate for your home or building but are unsure which gate is best for you, give us a ring on +44 19 25 55 27 40 and we will be sure to help you with any queries or questions you may have. You should always measure out where you want your security gate to fit so we can suggest the best style or model of gate.

4.) Modern features

Some of the top models of security gates offer 24/7 security. They are completely self-dependent and do not need to be remote operated. This can be done by having remotes fitted to vehicles which have the trackers inside or fitted to them, so that as they drive up to the gate, the gate will sense the tracker and automatically open. Some top security gates such as the Speedgate Xentry STS can be made with bulletproof material for maximum security.
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