Security gate maintenance is essential to keep your system working at top form. You need to be sure you report any problems once you come across them to ensure that they can be rectified. The gates we provide and fit will come with a 12-month warranty as standard. We also provide various maintenance contacts for the security gates installed by HTC which offer various levels of call-out options depending on individual clients’ requirements.
When the maintenance is carried out the fully qualified HTC engineer ensures all of the class 3 safety devices are functioning and we also make sure force testing is carried out. It is a service that you really should not be without as it is imperative for the security systems to continue to function to the best, they can that they are maintained correctly.
You can contact our specialist safety team at and they can provide you with advice and support. They will arrange to come out and check your safety gate system and report any requirements needed. More information can be found here:
So how do you know if your security gate needs maintenance?
  1. Tracking is off:
If your gate is running off track when it is opening or closing can lead to a full shut down of your security gate system if it is not rectified. If the gate starts to run off its track, there is a danger it will come off track completely and this can cause the system to lose stability. Tracking issues can occur if there is damage or wear and tear to the track. Lubricating the moving parts of the security gate system can help ensure that the gates run smoothly and always check for wear and tear. If you notice a tracking issue with your gates, contact us today.
  1. Sensor Issues:
If your sensor seems to become unresponsive this can indicate an issue with the system. It may be an error with the gate sensor so try replacing the batteries on the sensor. If this doesn’t resolve the issue, contact our gate safety team.
  1. Unusual Sounds:
If you notice any unusual sounds coming from your system, it’s a good idea to contact our gate safety team. Unusual beeping often indicates a power component failure and you need to ensure that a trained expert comes to check the electric system of your security gate as soon as possible.
  1. Appearance:
If your security gate system starts to look worn the chance, is it could do with some TLC and maintenance. If your metal gate seems to look corroded or paint is beginning to flake don’t delay, contact our maintenance team as the sooner, we address this it is easier to stop the damage from spreading.
If you are unsure or need any advice the best thing to do is to email our gate safety team and we can provide quick, essential support to ensure that your security gate system maintenance is fulfilled.