When targeting a property criminal like to be able to easily access the property and be able to carry out their crime whether it is theft or vandalism and quickly leave. This is why budding criminals can’t stand it when properties have security gates installed.

Security gates are an essential addition to security for your property or business premises when looking to protect from crime, vandalism and theft.

The addition of a security gate will also eliminate the need for a security team in a lot of cases therefore saving money.

Let’s take a look at how you can stop crime with security gate additions and why criminals can’t stand them.

Smash and grab theft reduction:

Businesses see smash and grab robbery’s as one of the most common crimes. Smash and grab robberies see thieves breaking through windows and doors and quickly stealing what they intend to. Criminals often can avoid being caught in these robberies as they are so fast as the police cannot arrive at the scene quickly enough before they have fled.

By installing a security gate at your business place a barrier meaning the criminals cannot access the premises quickly to execute this type of robbery.

Deter vandalism:

As criminals would have to gain access through the security gate before being able to vandalise your property they are less likely to gain entry and commit the crime of vandalism.

Lower insurance:

Because security gates make it less likely for criminals to access your property this means that your insurance premiums may come down which helps to lower your business costs.

Protect staff, visitors, and the public:

Installing a security gate not only protects your property and things inside it also protects the people within your business including staff, customers and visitors. Adding security gates can increase the feeling of safety for all involved.

If you are interested in helping to deter crime from your business premises by adding speedgates security gates contact our experts today who will be more than happy to provide you with information.