A speedgate is a type of security barrier, and these are used to control access to restricted areas. Most often used in high security areas where traffic flow is needed to be always under control. This could be into a parking centre.

Usually, you will find that Speed gates are made of metal or strong plastic and are equipped with a mechanism that allows them to open and close quickly. Sensors are used to open the gate to allow somebody through and then automatically the sensor will close the gate.

There are many benefits to usings a speed gate for your commercial premises lets take a look at a few below.

  • Deter crime – Using a speed gate will deter criminals from entering as criminals want to be able to enter and exit a premises as quickly as possible and a speed gate will slow this process down a lot. It will also make the area much more difficult from criminals to access.
  • Traffic Control – Speed gates help to control the amount of traffic by slowing down the flow of traffic. Some Speed gates will also stop operating and letting traffic through if there is no space.
  • Congestion reduction – When using speed gates to control traffic flow congestion is also reduced.
  • Safety – Speed gates control who has access to a premises which in turn can help to reduce and prevent on site accidents.
  • Easy to install – Installing Speed gates through a professional company such as us is easy and causes minimal disruption. We are also on hand 24-7 for support and assistance should it be required.

If you are thinking of reaping the benefits of cutting-edge technology through speed gate installation talk to one of our experts today and one of our friendly experts will be more than happy to assist.