Security is a top priority for business owners and home owners alike. Security gates can help to ensure your property is protected along with your assets and of course the people who are in your property, Security gates are one of the best possible ways to safeguard your property. Let’s have a look at the reasons why.

Security gates are the first line in defending against unwanted access to your property. They are a barrier between your property and any potential intruder. Some of the advantages of security gates include –

  • Privacy – Security gates help to keep your property private from onlookers and passer by.
  • Increased security – This goes without saying a security gate increases security and is a deterrent to passers by and intruders.
  • Increases your property value – Adding security gates increases your property value and can help decrease insurance premiums
  • Privacy – Security gates ensure your privacy is protected better.
  • Aesthetic appeal – Security gates can improve the aesthetic appeal of your property.

There are different types of security gates to choose from here we look at the different options available.

  • Sliding gates – Sliding security gates are a popular choice for properties with limited space, mainly commercial settings.
  • Swing gates – Swing gates operate similar to a door swinging open and closed. They are the more popular choice for a residential setting.
  • Barrier gate arms – Seen mostly in parking areas, toll booths and industrial facilities barrier gate arms are the most common used security gate to control vehicle access.
  • Cantilever gates – The gates are similar to sliding gates without a ground track, they are mostly used if the surface is uneven.
  • Bi folding gates – The security gates fold in the middle, they are a great choice for commercial and industrial facilities.
  • Vertical pivot gates – The gates will pivot to open and close and are used when space is restricted.

So how do you access your premises when a security gate is in use? There are different access methods available here are a few.

  • Card reader – swipe access cards or fobs are used to open the security gate, these are more suited for commercial settings.
  • Keypads – These use a code to grant access, keypads are the most cost effective simple solution.
  • Remote controls – These are mainly used for residential security gates where a remote control gives access to the property.
  • Intercom – Intercom is accessed via a central control point.
  • Biometric scanners – These use fingerprint and retinol scans for access, they are extremely costly but are extreme level security.

If you are thinking of investing in your properties security or would like to know more about our speedgates contact our friendly team today for more information.