When it comes to your commercial premises it is vital you keep your car park secure. There are various ways to keep your car park secure and here we will look at why there isn’t a better time to update your car park security and the benefits of this.

What can upgrading your car park security achieve?

  • No Unauthorised parking – By using security on your car park you will be able to ensure that there are no unauthorised vehicles parking on your premises. If your car park is not secure it is likely you will have people who are not entitled to park on your car park using it for free parking. This is a security risk as you do not know who these people are and also if damage is done to cars which belong to your staff or customers by cars that are not authorised you have no way of knowing who has caused the damage.
  • Out of hours parking – If your car park is not secure you run the risk of people using the car park for after dark meet ups including car meets which are illegal and also criminal activity and other anti social behaviour.
  • Abandoned cars – If your car park is not secure you run the risk of damaged, stolen or abandoned cars being left in unsecure car parks. If your car park is secured this will eliminate this risk for you and your premises.
  • Fly tippers – Unsecure car parks are an easy target for fly tippers to dispose of their rubbish. If you have secure gates to your car park this will not be possible.
  • Happier staff – having a secure car park will mean that your staff are happier as they can see that their safety and wellbeing is at the forefront of your business morals which in turn increases motivation and in turn help retain your staff.
  • Happy Customers – If you have customers or visitors to your site and they can see that you take security seriously this will ensure that you give the impression of a professional caring business as you are ensuring they are safe and so are their vehicles and belongings when they visit your site.
  • Decreased staff outgoings – Installing security measures such as our security gates on your car park will mean that you will not have to employ a staff member to man entrance to your site.

Increasing your car park security with speedgates has a number of benefits to all businesses with car parks. If you are interested in finding out how we can help you with your car park security there is no better time than now contact us for more information.