Many of our customers come to us to ask what exactly a bi folding speed gate is and what do they
do. Speed gates are one of the fastest solutions to open and close of a passageway to allow people
to access grounds. Bi folding speed gates are highly secure meaning that your premises are
protected to a very high standard.

Our bi folding speed gates help to monitor who has access to your site by using key fob or intercom
methods. This always means that you know who is on your premises and it is near impossible for
criminals to enter. For companies who require stringent security then bi folding speed gates are a
priceless addition to your security.

Bi folding speed gates open at a speed of around 0.8 to 1.2m/s depending on how wide they need to
open. Single bi folding speed gates will have a wing width of up to 6m and double bi folding speed
gates is 12m. Our experts will come to your premises and advise n exactly what we can do for your
regarding speed gate security and your requirements.

The bi folding speed gates are made to measure for your site and for your needs. They come with a
ground track which we will maintain and overhead tracks if height restrictions are required. We offer
a full 24-hour support and helpline service, so you are sure to always have support on hand if you
need it.

Our Bi folding speedgates come with:

  • LED traffic light
  • Security camera
  • Upper or lower catches
  • Signalisation
  • Different colour powder coatings to match your requirements

If you have a requirement for extra security and you are considering bi folding speed gates contact
our expert team today and we will arrange to come and see you to discuss how we can help.