What is gated access – Gated access is more than a simple opening device. Gated access improves security of your premises by limiting who has access to the building and its surrounding car park and land. By using gated access, you can ensure that only the right people at the right time have access to your commercial property, driveway, land, car park etc. Only authorised people will be able to unlock the gated access system and unauthorised people will not be able to enter at any time.

Gated access can be used for vehicles and pedestrians and no matter what your requirements HTC are sure to be able to provide a solution. Commercial sites have more people coming through so security needs to be tight and this can be achieved with the correct gated access system. The gated access systems not only need to be secure but also durable, easy to use and right for your individual needs.

Gate entry access systems follow mostly the same principles;

  • An access reader
  • An access controller
  • Credentials
  • Management software

When an authorised person approaches the gated access system, they will use their credential and present it to the reader. The information is then transmitted to the software that controls the gated access system to authenticate the user within the database. If the user is identified, then the access controller is activated and the gate is unlocked and opened. This is normally by motor or a swing arm. Some of our gated access systems will log the user being admitted through the system.

What are the benefits of a gated access system

Limits access to your premises – Only the right people at the right time have access to your premises when using a gated access system. The entrants must be authorised and have an active credential to gain access through the system.

Prevents crime – Gated access systems help to prevent crimes of theft and vandalism as the gates not only stop the unauthorised entry, they also deter potential thieves and vandals from trying to enter.

Security 24/7 – Gated access systems mean that your premises has 24/7 security even if you do not have security on site 24/7, this is especially useful for night times and for saving money on paying night watchers/security for your premises when nobody is on site.

If you want to find out more about gated access systems or would like to discuss installing a gated access system on your premises then contact the experts at HTC today and we will be more than happy to help.