Why would you choose a bi-folding security gate over a swinging gate?

There are many security advantages of choosing to install a bi-folding security gate to your site which we will look at below. If you are unsure of what solution is right for you our experts are on hand to provide advice and guidance but we will look at some of the benefits of bi-folding security gates now.

High levels of security:

When thinking of security solutions for your premises bi-folding security gates are high up there as one of the best. They are much less vulnerable to attacks than swinging gates due to the reinforcement. This is due to access to the weakest points of the gates are reduced and they are far less likely to be able to be opened or damaged with force. You can find out more about the safety testing and regulations of our bi-folding security gates here.

Can be used on raised surfaces:

Even if the road surface is raised bi-folding security gates can still be used. This is a major benefit over a swinging gate as they cannot be used with raised surfaces as the surface or the gate can become damaged and also may cause the inability for the gate to open.  If you have an uneven surface speak to one of our specialist advisors who will be able to assess the ground level and advise you on the best bi-folding security gate for your needs.

Save Space:

We have found that the space saving benefit of bi-folding security gates is one of the major selling points of our systems. Swinging gates take up much more surface area to open and bi-folding gates run on a track which saves a lot of space which is a huge benefit to many.

Suit all widths of openings:

If you have a wide area that you require to be covered by your gated security a bi-folding security gate is usually the best option as you will not require a double gate as you would if you were to choose a swinging gate.

If you are considering a gated security system, we have experts on hand to point you in the right direction for your premises. Contact us today and one of our friendly team can arrange to take a look at your premises and provide you with no obligation quotes and advice on enhancing your security.