Here we look at 7 reasons why gated access is an important addition to your commercial property.

  1. Gated access will improve the safety and security of your premises. Gated access helps to prevent any unauthorised entry into your premises. Using electric gates means that unwanted visitors onto your site would find it extremely difficult to force entry . By seeing gated access on a premises most criminals see this as a huge deterrent as they realise that you are serious about security.
  2. Gated access is completely customised to your premises which allow them to match your business aesthetics as well as ensuring extra security. Swing gates and sliding gates are both able to be fitted with a variety of locking mechanisms which are customised to your requirements.
  3. Using gated access means that you also have less security staffing needs lowering your costs in the long run as you do not need staff to open the gates as you would with manual gated systems. Gated access allows the system to be operated by a simple remote control. Visitors and staff alike are able to access sites with gated access without having to leave their cars which is additional security for them also.
  4. Gated access systems from HTC allows business and premises owners to have the benefits of 24hr access to professionals and support from our expert security technicians which gives you full peace of mind that your system will be in safe hands. We also offer maintenance packages which provide additional support and guarantee you will get the best from your gated access system.
  5.  Our gated access systems are built using aluminium and steel which means that they are less likely to be susceptible to corrosion, decomposing and weather damage.
  6. A major benefit of adding a gated access system is that they add value to your commercial property. This is down to them increasing the security of the premises which in turn only ever adds value. Adding a secure gated system also increases curb appeal which will also indeed increase value of the property and premises.
  7.  Gated access can sometimes also decrease insurance premiums as your security levels are increased meaning that insurers are less likely to have to pay out in the event of a crime being committed on your premises. This in turn makes your costs less and profits higher.

It’s clear to us that gated access can only benefit your commercial property. If you are interested in finding out more and would like to speak to one of our experts please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be more than happy to discuss your requirements.