Xentry 2 Top or Bottom Guided Bi-Folding Speedgate

This dual-motor Speedgate has a solid drive-unit at the bottom and a guide-channel at the top or bottom. The folding gate opens at approx. 1 metre per second and is TÜV certified.

This Speedgate is commonly utilised in residential parking complexes and on industrial perimeters.

 2 motors
Mechanical locking
 Solid drivesystem at the bottom of the column
 Gate leaf infills are bars, double welded mesh or single-side paneling
 Guiderail, top or bottom
 Speed approx. 1 m/sec
 Number of cycles per day, approx. 600

 Metallised and provided with a double-layer powder coating.
 Approved by TÜV in compliance with EN 13241-1
 Integrated controls
 Max. width 7,000 mm
 Max. height 4,000 mm
 Max. 21 m2

  • Opens and closes 10 times faster
  • 20 times more cycles
  • The most cost-effective choice
  • Delivered Plug and Play
  • Designed to customer’s requirements
  • Certified in compliance with EN13241-1

Technical Specifications

2 RHS profile steel columns, 220 x 220 x 6mm with service lit. Guiding Topguided: profiled steel plate 55 x 162mm with integrated cable duct. Bottomguided: profiled steel plate fitted in concrete foundation.

Topguided: profiled steel plate 55 x 162mm with integrated cable duct. Bottomguided: profiled steel plate fitted in concrete foundation.

Gate panels
Panels RHS profile steel 60 x 60 mm. Patented safety hinges with integrated cable routing. Maintenance free bearings.

Elektromechanical with 2 motors placed in the columns, controlled by intelligent inverter to provide accurate speed control. Motors: 0,18 kW, IP54, 4 inductive proximity limit switches, 24Vdc.

Steel grit blasted SA 2½-3, zinc metalized 30µm, 2 layer polyester powdercoating (120µm). Standard RAL color.

Other finishes and extreme environmental protection available..

Control System
BRS Smartprint® with frequency converter, 0.75 kW, therminal block, connections for 2 traffic lights status update via lcd screen. CEE plug (blue), Expandable with I/O board. Installed inside the column or separate in a control cabinet.

Loop Detector
Double channel loop detector. Connected to the Smartprint to prevent the gate from closing while cars are in between the leafs.

Detection loops
Installed in front and behind the Speedgate to manage the safety during operation.

Traffic light LED technology
2 lenses, Ø 80 mm, color red and green. 230 Vac (controlled by BRS Smartprint). Installed in the column or at the wall or ceiling.

Range of finishes, different panel styles and designs, access control systems, ANPR, vehicle tagging AVI, matching pedestrian doors, matching fence panels, audible warning, flashing lights, etc

Xentry 2 Speedgates are used in

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